You Are My Rare Passion Chapter 7500

Chapter 7500: This is human nature

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Chapter 7500 This is human nature

"She was instigated by someone," Fu Cangwu said: "She has a close friend. The teacher called my mother and said that after Fu Jinge was injured by you, my mother went to the hospital to see Fu Jinge, and her friend accompanied him all the time. .

During this period, her friend has been fanning the flames and persuading my mother to avenge Fu Jinge. "

He paused and continued: "Although I don't want to say that, the fact is that your Xie family is very powerful. According to common sense, my parents won't make things big after they know your family background.

Although this kind of statement sounds bad, it is reality.

But my mothers friends kept urging her to say that the more wealthy your Xie family is, the less our Fu family will be able to give in. Otherwise, it will appear that our Fu family is afraid of your Xie family. People are bullied, for fear of offending the rich and powerful, even dare not to vent their own children.

My mother is a face-saving person. She is afraid of being ridiculed by her friends and being bullied and afraid of hardships. Even knowing that Xie Jiacai is powerful, she still started the matter.

She just wanted to prove to her friends that she was not a bully or hard-working person, and for her children, she would not be afraid of offending the powerful. "

Hearing this, Xie Hewu couldn't help laughing.

Fu Cangwu's mother's psychology, she can understand.

How about there is a saying, "Slap a swollen face to fill a fat man"?

The queen may eat chaffy vegetables, he has to buy a piece of meat skin, and he is reluctant to eat it, but before going out, he has to wipe his mouth. The mouth is full of oil, letting people know that he has just eaten meat.

He is not a person who cant afford to eat meat. Their family eats meat every day and they have a good life!

This is human nature.

Fu Cangwus mother was driven by this kind of humanity and encouraged by her unkind friends.

She came forward to offend the Xie family, her friend clapped her hands behind her back, and dreamed that she would be cleaned up by the Xie family.

How stupid!

How could such a stupid woman give birth to such a smart son as Fu Cangwu?

Maybe... Fu Cangwu followed his father?

Fu Cangwu's father has always been very sensible...Of course, it is not ruled out that Fu Cangwu's father is a master of current affairs. Seeing that their Xie family is not easy to provoke, he swallowed his anger.

Fu Cangwu took two steps forward, getting closer to Xie Hewu, "Xiao Wu, after my mom calms down, my dad thinks of a way to let her see through her friend's true face, and my mom knows. Her friend was not at ease, and then she regretted it.

She said, if there is a chance, she will apologize to you and please forgive her.

What happened back then was originally that Fu Jinge was wrong. At that time, you were young, you were hurt, you couldn't control your emotions, and you hurt Fu Jinge. Fu Jinge took the blame, no wonder you. "

"Oh, you are wrong," Xie Hewu said, "I am a few years old now, but I am still like that. If Fu Jinge provokes me now, I will only hit her harder!"

Fu Cangwu: "...It doesn't matter, what I like is you who have distinct loves and hates!"

He has seen many young ladies who are quiet and weak, smiling and not showing teeth, but he doesn't like it, he only likes Xie Hewu.

"It's really a shame," Xie Hewu said, "You like me, but I don't like you! There are so many men who like Miss Ben. It's impossible for Miss Ben to marry everyone, right?

So, you like me, its nothing to do with me. For the sake of getting to know each other, stay away from me in the future and let my life be quieter, OK? "

(End of this chapter)

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