You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 469

Chapter 298 I Dont Want To Be A Widow

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Chapter 298 I dont want to be a widow

The two that were in the small QQ car were precisely Death Mage and Xun Fang.

After finally not having to manage Ying Family anymore, the two immediately went to the south pole to spend their honeymoon, but who knew, only after a few days of honeymoon, they were suddenly ordered to come to Longan City

"Can you lower your phones volume? I am going to become deaf soon!" Xun Fang shouted out.

This skeleton, from day to night, all that he knows to do is biubiubiu and does not even know to go and request His Honor for a corporeal body.

Death Mage adjusted his phones volume to the loudest possible, "Jiejiejie~"

Imperial translation: "I love it loud."

Death Mages action caused Xun Fang to become pissed off and Xun Fang immediately began fighting it out with Death Mage.

The small QQ car began shaking intensely, and a squeaking sound was even being emitted out by the shaking of the car. Within this empty parking lot, the sound was particularly sweet-sounding.

After a long while, the two got off the car, and while panting with rage, Xun Fang could be heard saying, "If you still dont go and request a corporeal body from His Honor, you are not allowed to touch me anymore!"


Imperial translation: "You are speaking as if I have touched your body before, shameless."

Listening to Death Mages tone, Xun Fang knew that Death Mage wasnt willing to give in and go and request His Honor for a corporeal body.

Hmmph! Lets watch and see just who will be the one that wont be able to endure it first!

If we were talking about willpower, Death Mage was definitely the one who possessed stronger willpower. After all, Death Mage had already endured being single for more than a thousand years, so what was a few more years to Death Mage?

Xun Fang looked at her phone.

"It is not like I dont look good, so why arent there any fans following me?" Looking at her two digits of followers, Xun Fang was very vexed.


Imperial translation: "With that brain of yours, it is already great that your number of followers didnt decrease, and yet, you still want your number of followers to increase?"

Xun Fang glared at Death Mage, "Are you speaking bad things about me again!"

Death Mage turned his head around and looked to the side, having a look on him that was saying, "I didnt say anything."

"I want to film a video, help me film it. If my number of fans does not break through two digits, you have to go and request a corporeal body from His Honor. I am already tired of living the life of a widow!" Xun Fang snorted.

Others girlfriends are all living blissful lives, and yet, I cant even do anything with my boyfriend!

Honestly, Xun Fang could be at ease since Tang Wei was there to accompany her.

If Death Mage had an expression, he would definitely have a look of disdain on his face right now.

I am not going to go and request His Honor for a corporeal body, I am going to make you become anxious to death.

Death Mage held his phone at Xun Fang.

Xun Fang could be seen smiling sweetly, her beautiful eyes had turned into crescent shapes, her small fists were swaying back and forth, and at the end, she even brushed onto her hair with her hand.

After finished filming the video, Xun Fang immediately took over the phone and looked at the result of the video.

Xun Fang was very satisfied with the video.

"Am I beautiful?" Xun Fang asked curiously.


Imperial translation, "You are the ugliest in history. However, I precisely like people who are ugly."

After adding a BGM to the video, Xun Fang uploaded the video.

"Damned skeleton, you better go and request a corporeal body from His Honor, if not, you are finished! I won’t help you top up money for your game anymore!"

Death Mage spread out his hands, expressing that he didnt care.

In any case, the one who is anxious is you, not me.

Upon seeing Death Mages attitude, Xun Fang immediately became angry, and she could be seen throwing her purse into Death Mages embrace, then walked forward angrily.


Death Mage wasnt the one who let out that sound.

A man with a malevolent look on his face and blood on the corner of his mouth could be seen walking out from the corner. Just a look at this man, and one could tell that this man had been possessed by a demon.

"A woman, and a skeleton, just what is the relationship between the two of you?" While with his body arched, the man raised his malevolent-looking face and asked.

Xun Fang shouted out, "That has nothing to do with you! Upon His Honors order, I should send you to the afterlife!"

A silvery light flickered, and the mans head rolled to Death Mages feet.

I, Death Mage, precisely like just how rough and violent this woman is.

"Your strength is not bad! Unfortunately for you, this is not my main body! The two of you can slowly take your time to look for me, hahaha!!!" The head began laughing cockily, and within the empty parking lot, for such laughter like this to appear, it made the parking lot appeared very eerie.

Death Mage raised his foot.


The watermelon exploded.


Imperial translation: "Ignorant demons, to actually dare to disturb His Honors vacation, you all are truly tired of living!"

Death Mage held onto Xun Fangs willow waist and was intending to walk back to the car.

"Dont touch me, I already said that you are not allowed to touch me, you cannot make me go back on my words!"

Death Mage straightforwardly carried Xun Fang on his shoulder, then walked back to the car.

Right now, at the shore of Hua River, two figures were walking on the sidewalk. One of the figures was walking at the front, and the other figure was walking at the back. The two figures kept a distance of five meters between each other.

The two figures were precisely Little Brother Red and Zi Shan.

In actuality, the atmosphere made it seemed like they were on a date.

Zi Shan who was walking at the back was looking at the Hua River. When the breeze blew onto her beautiful hair, it made her appeared very beautiful.

Little Brother Red stopped his footsteps and looked at Zi Shan who was walking behind him. When Little Brother Red looked at Zi Shan, there was something peculiar in his gaze.

I suddenly dont want her to become my wife anymore I am not fit to be her husband at all

"Are you tired?" Little Brother Red asked with concern.

Zi Shan shook her head.

"How about we head back home?"

"Arent you here to catch a demon?" Zi Shan asked lightly.

Little Brother Red remained silent.

Zi Shan said faintly, "Catching the demon is also a part of my responsibility, lets head down to the downstream to take a look."

It was the first time that Zi Shan had spoken such a long sentence to him, and towards this, Little Brother Red wants to express that he was very happy.

The two walked towards the downstream.

At the downstream, there was a bunch of reeds, and of course, along with the bunch of reeds, there were mosquitos.

Naturally, Little Brother Red wouldnt let the mosquitos bite onto Zi Shan, and he could be seen protecting Zi Shan from the mosquitos.

Zi Shan didnt say anything, and the two walked towards the deeper part of the reeds.

"Shh!" Little Brother Red suddenly paused and signaled to Zi Shan to not make any sound, because he sensed an aura at the front of him.

Today, the mission that Uncle Wei gave to me is to exterminate the demon that absorbed the essences of the fishes in Hua River. If my guess isnt wrong, that demon is the person who is right in front of me!

Currently, the surface of the river was covered in scarlet red blood, and the essences that were emitting out from the blood were gathering towards the mans hands.

The scene was shocking, not only was the surface of the river covered in scarlet red blood, but there were also countless fishes that were floating on the surface of the river.

After confirming the target, Little Brother Red said in a low voice to Zi Shan, "Dont stay too far away from me."

Zi Shan nodded her head. Right now, Zi Shan was just an ordinary human, and all she had was her experience.

Little Brother Red could be seen walking out of the reeds, then shouting out loudly, "Stop what you are doing!"

The man slowly turned his head around and took a look at Little Brother Red, then continued absorbing the essences, completely ignoring Little Brother Reds words.

Little Brother Red wrinkled his brows.

This person is very cocky!

Little Brother Red picked up a stone and threw the stone at the man.

The man grabbed onto the stone and said gravely, "Leave now and I will spare your life!"

"Upon His Honors order, I am here today to take your life!"

In the past, when there were matters to handle, Little Brother Red would follow along with his big brother, and he would do whatever that his big brother said to do. Little Brother Red was the kind of person that would do what he was told and wasnt the kind of person that would give out orders.

Wei Chang knew that and thus, this time, he separated the two brothers from each other.

This little red needs some training. In the future, he is going to have to help His Honor conquer borders.

This time, the man finally looked seriously at Little Brother Red. As a faint bloody smell began emitting out from the man, the man said, "Your guts are very big, however, you shouldnt try to act cool in front of me!"

"Sorry, I do not know how to act cool." Little Brother Red was a little nervous, after all, this was his first time facing against an enemy by himself.

The man laughed lightly, "Your skills in acting cool are pretty good, how about becoming my underling!"

"Where are you from?" Little Brother Red asked curiously.

Hearing their conversation, it feels as if they were having a casual chat with each other.

The man said gravely, "I am from the underworld! Where are you from!"

Little Brother Red patted onto his chest and shouted out, "I am from Dongming Village!"

The corner of the mans mouth twitched. This fellow indeed knows how to act cool!

Little Brother Red wasnt foolish, just now, he was merely trying to fish out information from the man, and as expected, with just a question, he found out where the man came from.

Underworld? Why have I never heard of such a city? Could it be that this man is from abroad?

"Young fellow, I am in a good mood today, get out of the way and I should spare your life!"

"That is out of the question! His Honor has already given an order, you must die today!" Little Brother Reds tone was resolute and decisive, he did not have any intention of backing down at all!

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