Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride Chapter 797

Chapter 796 Insidious Too Insidious 2

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Henry had specially emphasized that the four or five days after Shen Yuechuans treatment was meant to be his recuperation period.

Xiao Yunyun remembered that well, so she urged Shen Yuechuan to rest as soon as they returned to the apartment.

Shen Yuechuan gave Xiao Yunyun a long goodnight kiss. Then, he laid down on the bed with her in his arms and soon fell asleep.

The following day, Xiao Yunyun realized why Shen Yuechuan was so obedient.

Not long after dawn, Xiao Yunyun opened her sleepy eyes and saw Shen Yuechuan standing by the bed, dressed in a formal suit and straightening his tie.

She rubbed her eyes and sat up. She looked at Shen Yuechuan carefully and nodded with certainty. "Very handsome! But where are you going in that outfit?"

"To the company."

Shen Yuechuans tone was very calm, as if he was just talking about a trivial matter that had nothing to do with him.

However, Xiao Yunyun seemed to have heard some explosive news. She jumped out of bed and stopped Shen Yuechuan. "No!"

Before Shen Yuechuan could explain, Xiao Yunyun continued, "You are responding well to the treatment and Henry said you have to get more rest. You are not to go to work, unless you knock me out!"

"Its not that serious." Shen Yuechuan held the back of Xiao Yunyuns head, took her into his arms and kissed her forehead soothingly. "Im just going to the company to deal with something instead of going back to work."

Xiao Yunyun looked at him suspiciously. "Really?"

"You may not believe me." Shen Yuechuan added, "But, think about it. Will Boyan allow me to go back to work?"

"" "Well, it is indeed impossible."

After thinking for a while, Xiao Yunyun chose to believe in Lu Boyan and she asked Shen Yuechuan, "When will you be back?"

Shen Yuechuan said calmly, "After breakfast, Ill send you to Dingya Villas. I dont want you to be bored at home alone. Ill pick you up in the afternoon."


Thinking of Xiangyi and Xiyu, Xiao Yunyun finally felt happier.

After breakfast, they arrived at Dingya Villas and found that Lu Boyan was still at home. At this time, there were only ten minutes left before it was time for him to start work.

Xiao Yunyun slipped up to Su Jianan and asked in surprise, "Is my cousin-in-law going to play hooky?"

Su Jianan looked helpless. "When he was about to leave, Xiangyi suddenly cried and refused to be carried by anyone except her father."

Xiao Yunyun smiled and said, "Well, my cousin-in-law is more handsome when he is holding a child!" After that, she let her imagination run wild. "I dont know what Shen Yuechuan will look like when he is holding his child"

Su Jianan smiled and said meaningfully, "Youll know when you give birth to a baby, right?"

According to Xiao Yunyuns character, she could have accepted this kind of remark without feeling any pressure.

However, she blushed and did not speak.

Su Jianan soon understood. "Yunyun, you and Yuechuan havent yet?"

Xiao Yunyun shook her head and sighed in disappointment. "Cousin, I just realized that its not necessarily a good thing to have a strong boyfriend who has good self-control."

Su Jianan nodded with great approval. "How self-controlled he is at this early stage, how terrifying he will be at the later stage."

She had learned that from her experience.

Xiao Yunyun did not quite catch what Su Jianan said. She looked at Su Jianan blankly, but Su Jianan just smiled mysteriously and said nothing.

At this time, Lu Boyan came over with Xiangyi in his arms and said, "She fell asleep."

Su Jianan took a look and found that the little girl was sleeping soundly. She carefully picked her up and said, "Ill carry her up. You go to the company."

Watching Su Jianan carrying their daughter upstairs, Lu Boyan went out with Shen Yuechuan.

As soon as they arrived at the company, Lu Boyan received a call from Mu Sijue.

Lu Boyan put Mu Sijue on speaker and putting the phone on the desk, asked directly, "Did you find anything?"

"Yep," Mu Sijue said, "Yunyuns biological parents turned out to be international criminal police. In those days, they used their identities as immigrants to hide their investigation into the Kang familys base. In the end, they found the information, but on the way back to the ICPOs headquarters, they encountered a car accident."

"The car accident was caused by the Kang family, right?" Lu Boyan asked, with certainty.

"Its Kang Jintian." Mu Sijue said, "He is Kang Ruichengs uncle, who was in charge of the Kang familys base in those days. In addition, Ah Jin told me that Kang Ruicheng contacted Kang Jintian yesterday to inquire about Yunyuns parents car accident."

Sure enough, Kang Ruicheng was targeting Xiao Yunyun!

Shen Yuechuans tone suddenly became chilly and he asked, "What does Kang Ruicheng suspect?"

"Kang Ruicheng is not suspicious, but he is afraid Yunyuns parents might have left some clues about the base, so he sent people to follow Yunyun." Mu Sijue said, "Yuechuan, youd better contact Yunyuns adoptive father to check if anything happened after the car accident. I suspect that Xiao Guoshan has hidden something. Do you need me to help you find Xiao Guoshans contact information?"

What Shen Yuechuan feared most was that Xiao Yunyun might be involved in the feud between them and Kang Ruicheng.

But it turned out that Xiao Yunyun had been involved in the feud since she was very young. After so many years, the Kang familys claws were still reaching out for her.

Shen Yuechuan clenched his fists and said, "Its not convenient for us to do this. You go and find it."

It was a piece of cake for Mu Sijue. In less than three minutes, Shen Yuechuan received a text message. It was a bunch of numbers.

Shen Yuechuan dialed the number. After identifying himself to Xiao Guoshan, he asked directly about the car accident that year.

Xiao Guoshan talked with Shen Yuechuan perfunctorily, without mentioning the car accident. It seemed that he did not trust Shen Yuechuan.

The more he responded in this way, the more Shen Yuechuan was sure that Xiao Guoshan was hiding something.

Shen Yuechuan quickly calmed down and tried to win Xiao Guoshans trust. "Uncle, Yunyuns biological parents were not simply immigrants into Australia. They had another identity. That car accident was also caused by someone and you were just being used."

"That car accident was really not an accident?" Xiao Guoshans voice suddenly became cold and serious. "Young man, can you tell me what happened?"

"Uncle, its better that you do not know what is going on." Shen Yuechuan said, "Yunyun may be in danger now. In order to protect Yunyun, I need to know if you have hidden anything after the car accident."

Xiao Guoshan said with a sigh, "I did hide something."

Shen Yuechuan asked, "What is it?"

Xiao Guoshan was silent for a moment and said, "After I adopted Yunyun, I received an anonymous letter. The sender asked me to take good care of Yunyun."

Shen Yuechuan frowned. "Did the sender reveal who he was?"

"No, but from his tone, I felt that he could be Yunyuns relative. Maybe for some reason, it was not convenient for him to show up and adopt Yunyun." After a pause, Xiao Guoshan continued, "I feel that the person was not just any ordinary person."

"Uncle, why are you so sure?" Shen Yuechuan asked in confusion.

"According to the law at that time, it was a traffic offence. I should have been sentenced after the car accident." Xiao Guoshan said, "But after I decided to adopt Yunyun, the police suddenly stopped looking for me. It should be the person who sent the letter who helped me settle everything."

"Did the sender appear later?" Shen Yuechuan asked.

"No." Xiao Guoshan said, "I always thought that person would come back for Yunyun, but he never appeared. In fact, I always had a feeling that the car accident involving Yunyuns parents was not that simple and that it would act as a trigger for something again one day. As expected, that day has come. Is Yunyun really in danger?"

"I will protect Yunyun. You can rest assured." Shen Yuechuan said, "There are two other things. Uncle Xiao, I hope you can tell me the truth."

"Go ahead."

"Since you didnt leave the scene after the car accident, did you notice anything unusual about Yunyuns parents?" Shen Yuechuan asked, "Or, did Yunyuns parents leave anything behind?"

"They didnt have time to do anything. It was the most terrible car accident I have ever seen. They died on the spot." Xiao Guoshan thought for a moment and added, "The only thing they left behind was the fortune bag for Yunyun. I opened it and saw only an amulet and a bead inside."

Shen Yuechuan picked up a pen and wrote down "fortune bag" on a piece of white paper. He drew a circle around it and asked, "After the car accident, who took care of or contacted Yunyun before you adopted her?"

"Those days, the people in the welfare institution were responsible for taking care of Yunyun," Xiao Guoshan said, "but Im not sure if anyone tried to contact Yunyun."

"I got it. Thank you, Uncle Xiao."

Shen Yuechuan ended the call and shook his head at Lu Boyan.

He could not be sure if there were any clues left to Xiao Yunyun through the call.

According to Xiao Guoshans words, after the car accident, Yunyuns biological parents should have no chance to leave any clues to her.

Even if Yunyuns parents left any clues in advance because they had predicted that their return would not go smoothly, the international criminal police might have contacted Xiao Yunyun and taken away the clues when she was in the welfare institution.

But if there were really any clues, the base of the Kang family should have been destroyed a long time ago. It was impossible for Kang Jintian and Kang Ruicheng to have the power today.

So it was quite possible that Xiao Yunyuns parents did not leave any clues.

But that was just a possibility.

Everything was still unknown.

Lu Boyan looked at the words "fortune bag" circled by Shen Yuechuan and raised his eyebrows in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"Uncle Xiao said that this was the only thing left behind by Yunyuns parents. Its in my apartment now." Shen Yuechuan said, "However, Uncle Xiao opened it and saw only an amulet and a bead inside."

"Go back immediately and take it to Mu Qi." Lu Boyan said, "This is the only thing Yunyuns parents left behind. Even if there were no clues in it, it is a hot potato for Yunyun. Give it to Mu Qi so Kang Ruicheng can look for Mu Qi."

Shen Yuechuan stared at Lu Boyan for a while and chuckled. "If Yunyun is not in danger now, I really want to praise youfor being too insidious."

Lu Boyan tonelessly reminded Shen Yuechuan. "Kang Ruicheng will likely send someone to break into your apartment and look for it. You can contact Mu Qi now and ask him to bring his people there. He should be able to intercept Kang Ruichengs people in time."

Only then did Shen Yuechuan realize that. He swore, picked up his phone and dialed Mu Sijues number. While saying something, he quickly left the company.

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