Young Master Mo Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 1307

Young Master Mo Are You Done Kissing? Volume 3 Chapter 1311 The Story Of Ling And Heng 574

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Because the Financial Conference was about to begin next month, Feng Ling had to move many things to Washington this month.

This included many business partnersh.i.p.s.

S was so busy at the Feng Corporation that there were still several problems left behind by the Feng Corporation that had yet to be solved.

For example, when her father, Feng Yuancheng, was still alive, because he didn't have a son and Feng Mingzhu wasn't very capable, he spent many years to nurture a young man named Feng Mingyi. It was said that when Feng Mingyi was young, his family background was very ordinary and he relied on his own ability to make a living. Later, he coincidentally met Feng Yuancheng and worked under him. Step by step, he took nearly ten years to become the general manager of the company. Later, Feng Mingyi acknowledged Feng Yuancheng as his godfather. Everyone in the Feng family thought that this person would definitely take half of the Feng Corporation in the future.

However, although Feng Yuancheng recognized this godson and nurtured this talent, he did not intend to completely transfer everything under his name to an outsider. Even if this person's surname was also Feng, this was only a way for the Feng family to escape. He would only choose it if he had no other choice.

At that time, he had actually hoped that Feng Mingzhu would become a great person, but in the end, he was still disappointed.

Feng Mingyi was very good at reading people. His foundation in the Feng Corporation had been stable for many years. When he gradually found out that Feng Yuancheng was only treating him as a spare tire, he gradually became dissatisfied. Feng Yuancheng sensed it and sent him to the subsidiary company under his name to manage things. This subsidiary company had already been taken away from the company by Feng Mingyi and became his own company. It no longer had any relations with the Feng Corporation and this subsidiary company was becoming bigger and bigger. Right now, this company's headquarters was in Washington. It was called the TMing Organization. It was a financial institution related to the Financial External Chains and had connections with many large financial companies on Fifth Avenue.

Back then, Feng Yuancheng also saw that Feng Mingyi was very good at business. In the end, this company allowed him to take it away on his own. He only hoped that they could live in peace in the future. He could be considered to have a godson that he was not familiar with.

However, Feng Yuancheng also knew that Feng Mingyi was still unwilling to give up. The Feng family's piece of meat that was about to reach his mouth was actually taken off.

The news of the second daughter of the Feng family's return was what made Feng Mingyi the most unhappy.

The Feng family's last hope had been shattered. Why did a second daughter suddenly appear?

Initially, he wanted to watch the Feng family gradually fall in the hands of this Second Miss so that he could take care of the situation himself. However, he didn't expect that this young woman named Feng Ling actually had some tricks up her sleeves. In addition, she had a very professional Qin Shuke by her side. Even if the Feng family didn't become prosperous, they could at least maintain their former glory. They maintained everything steadily. She had only just taken over, and it was already so stable. If Feng Ling was allowed to continue living peacefully like this, it was likely that he would lose this fat piece of meat completely in the future.

Knowing that Feng Ling would attend the Financial Conference, Feng Mingyi checked her information and the financial business partners she might contact after arriving. He picked up the phone with a sneer and said coldly, "Inform all the partners related to TMing Organization, from now on, no one is allowed to accept Feng Corporation's orders. If you find any clients related to Feng Corporation, snatch them at all costs. It doesn't matter how much money you spend. In short, don't let her stand firm in this Financial Conference. You can't get a single cent. Yes, I want to cut off Feng Corporation's path. You should know what to do."

Feng Mingyi hung up without hesitation.

Qin Shuke had just followed Feng Ling to Washington. When she heard the news released by TMing Organization, her expression turned ugly.

It was obvious that King wanted to kill the Feng family in this financial conference. He wanted to cut off one of Feng Ling's arms before her wings were fully grown, and he didn't hide it at all.

"Chairman Feng shouldn't have been so kind to his godson." After Qin Shuke told Feng Ling what happened, she sat by the side and complained.

Feng Ling didn't say anything. She didn't know much about Feng Mingyi, but after she came back to take over the Feng Corporation, she learned a little about the personnel changes and the various companies. However, she was busy with other important matters and didn't consider if this person's existence would affect the company.

Now it seemed that her father had really gone back to release the tiger.

He was in such a hurry to force her to return to the Feng family. At the last moment, he had to find someone who could help her make the decision and choose the path back to the Feng family for her.

In fact, what she was really worried about was that the Feng family wouldn't have a leader for a day, and the two old men wouldn't be able to defeat Feng Mingyi. He was afraid that the Feng family would end up with nothing.

"Is this person trying to kill the Feng Corporation?" Feng Ling asked.

Qin Shuke hesitated for a moment. "He does have such a goal, but I don't think he has the ability to do so. Although TMing Organization has been in Washington for several years, it is still an organization. It is not even a formal company. No matter how good his interpersonal relations are here, the Feng family can still suppress him. As long as we don't lose, he may not be able to defeat us."

When Feng Ling learned about this, she appeared very calm.

After discussing some plans with Qin Shuke, Feng Ling quietly stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and looked down from the tall building.

Her tall figure was also reflected on the glass. She held her phone with a calm gaze.

The weather in Washington was very good. The sunlight shone on her through the windows, but Feng Ling felt a chill down her spine. Not only did the people from TMing Organization say that they would cut off Feng Ling's path, but they also cut off all the partners who were about to cooperate with the Feng Corporation.

He was so arrogant because he thought that Feng Ling was just a little girl who had been missing for many years. She had just returned and was already taking on such a heavy responsibility. She didn't have any ability at all. If she was embarrassed in the end, she would at most be a little girl who cried in front of the board of directors. She definitely didn't have any ability.

In the afternoon, Qin Shuke called again. "The situation is like this. These people who work in finance seem to have no intention of targeting you, and they seem to admire you quite a bit. Although I don't know how you became famous in Washington, they don't seem to be biased against you. But because of what happened to TMing Organization, they don't side with you. They are purely observing you, which is much better than we expected."

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