Youre My Belated Happiness Chapter 74

Chapter 72: Extra Five

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In the three days of the college entrance examination, Xu Huaishi did not take the initiative to speak with Zhao Yi, fearing that he would be pressured invisibly if he talked to him.

Zhao Yi is also burying his head and feet. After completing one exam, his classmates ask him "How is it?" and the answer is the same: "It's a pity to inherit the family business four years later."

Others only think of him as a wrangling, only Xu Huaishi knows that this is really a very pity.

On the day when the last one ended, the candidates poured out of the examination room and cheered all the way. Xu Huaishi finally relaxed. On the way back to the classroom, he thought of Zhao Yi, stopped and stood at the crossing and looked at the crowd to see if he had come out.

She stood tiptoe on the steps, pulling her neck to look desperately, but didn't pay attention to the people behind her, and patted her shoulder with a big hand.

She was startled, and when she looked back, she saw Zhao Yi grinning at her: "Who are you looking for, your brother?"


She choked and quickly became confident: "Yes, there is an affair in the examination room. The man sitting in front of me has grown up exactly like my brother Shican, and plans to let it go and pursue it."

As soon as Zhao Yi heard it, she knew she was joking. He was about to say "Oh," before he spoke, he suddenly saw a boy with red lips and white teeth stopping in front of Xu Huaishi, his face flushed and flushed.

The two looked at each other, and then they saw the boy staring at Xu Huaishi and said, "Classmate, you...you just said, do you want to pursue me?"

Xu Huaishi looked dumbfounded, wouldn't it be so coincidental?

She stared at him blankly, blinked and asked, "Are you sitting in front of me?"

The boy's ears were red, and he nodded at her.

The misunderstanding is big.

Just as she was about to wave her hand to explain, Zhao Yi became angry next to her, and took her wrist and left.

The boy stayed in a daze and chased up: "Hey, classmate, you don't need to chase, actually I too..."

Zhao Yi dragged her away in a stride, while turning back and shouting: "Actually, you are also a karst landform! Unminded? Can't you see the master of famous flowers?"


Xu Huaishi was staggered by him, and he stammered: "Who do you say is the master!"

He dragged her all the way to the teaching building, stopped, waited for the crowds to pass, and pulled her to the side of the road: "What do you think?"

"I know I still ask you?"

"you do not know?"

Xu Huaishi pretended to be serious: "I don't know, you tell me!"

Zhao Yi put his hands in his pockets, took them out, and then put them back in his pockets. After repeating several times, he said: "I have estimated that it should be fine for a college entrance examination. If you can't go to two books, you can read three books. ."

Xu Huaishi pretended to say coldly: "But most of Hangzhou University is a major."

"I checked it a long time ago, and there are some two majors on the same campus as the first. If you can't get the second, there are three colleges each one kilometer north and three kilometers east of Hangzhou University."

Xu Huaishi looked at the sky and whispered: "It's missed. There are also five kilometers to the west..."

Zhao Yi was silent and laughed out loud: "Check so carefully?"

Xu Huaishi looked at him: "I am heading to Hangzhou University. Of course, I have to investigate the surrounding geographical environment and customs."

"Well," he closed his smile, "differing from the subject."

Seeing him getting serious, Xu Huaishi suddenly became a little nervous, and her hand hanging beside her pinched the hem of the skirt, said "Oh", and looked down at the toe of her canvas shoe.

Zhao Yi cleared his throat, looked at the whirl above her head, and said, "So, it's only a few kilometers, and my leg is two meters long. As long as you want, the night is over and self-study is over. Go down the stairs and accompany you down the stairs as a...boyfriend."

His eyes were like moving light waves, and Xu Huaishi felt that his scalp was about to scorch. He touched his hair and kicked the toe of his shoe with another "Oh" sound.

Zhao Yi was angry: "I have finished my statement, but are you giving me a correct sentence?"

She raised her head and then became angry: "Are you trying to buy or sell? You didn't ask, why do I have to answer?"

Zhao Yi choked, his momentum weakened again, touched his nose and said, "Then you...will you be my girlfriend..."

She hummed and said with a grin: "I don't want to!" After that, she turned her head and ran.

Zhao Yi was angrily laughed, and dragged her back into his arms directly: "You are forcing me to buy and sell!"

Suddenly there was a wave of rippling from the teaching upstairs: "Oh -!"

When the two raised their heads, they realized that there was a group of theatergoers lying on the railing upstairs.

Xu Huaishi's face flushed red, and she pushed Zhao Yi away with anger, and stepped on his sneakers fiercely: "I don't understand the irony!"

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