Youre My Belated Happiness Chapter 75

Chapter 73: Extra Six

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In the golden autumn of October, two "single and promising" young men in Zhikun Law Firm ushered in an arduous task: accompany the boss to pick up the bride.

Chen Hui was dissatisfied with the fact that he had to work overtime as a best man on the National Day. Early on the morning of the welcome day, he and Liu Mao came to Xu Huaisongs new house in Hangzhou City. With five times the salary, he said happily that he is welcome to find him more for this kind of work in the future.

In the end, of course, Xu Huai-song got an eye-slasher: "In the future? Or do you have another golden wedding on the fiftieth anniversary. As long as you are single, I will invite you to be the best man.

Chen Hui, who was severely pricked, closed his eyes in pain.

Zhou Jun, who is also the best man beside him, smiled.

Liu Mao hit Chen Hui with his elbow: "Don't live up to Xu Lu's expectations of you, I won't be able to accompany you then."

"Brother Mao," Chen Hui has the courage to tease him in such days without distinction, "You are the oldest in our best man group, should you be the most anxious to get out of the order?"

Liu Mao "tsk" dissatisfiedly.

The fourth best man sitting on the other side of the sofa finally couldn't listen, and sighed.

The two looked at Zhao Yi together, and listened to him with a very sophisticated emotion: "The two brothers don't laugh at fifty steps. They both say that the young and strong dont work hard, and the boss is sad. Didnt you know how to plan ahead when you were in school? ?"

The two were stagnated. Xu Huaishi, who was beside Zhao Yi, raised his hand and gave him a chestnut: "Is this the way to prepare for the rain? Do you think everyone is the same as you, patronizing sisters in school?"

Zhao Yi choked.

Liu Mao sighed and fought back: "It seems that Xiao Zhao will also be in strict control of his wife in the future."

Xu Huaisong, who was sitting in the middle, suddenly joined the battle: "What do you mean by "also"?"

"Whoever is seated in the seat is exactly what he thinks."

Xu Huaishi smiled and said, "Brother, stop struggling, or I will call my sister-in-law, and you will tell the phone that you are not a strict wife. Can you see if the marriage is still successful today?"

Xu Huaisong looked at her blankly: "Don't go with me to pick up your sister-in-law in a while."

"Why? Mom gave me the task of carrying the copper stove!"

Zhao Yi explained for Xu Huaisong: "You see for yourself where your elbow is turning, when you fall down, let's not be miserable by the bridesmaids?"

Xu Huaishi glared at him: "It's you all. You will block my brother a little bit later, do you hear me?"

Zhao Yi said "Oh", lowered his head and whispered, "I blocked it for your brother today, and I don't know who will block it for me in the future..."

When it was auspicious, a group of people got into the wedding car and arrived at Ruan's home in the suburbs. It took half an hour to get in.

The relatives of the Ruan family are in great strife. A group of children blocked the door to beg for sweets. Xu Huaisong handed out red envelopes like flyers, and Zhao Yi yelled for help: "Dont worry, everyone has it, and it can be solved with money. The problem is not a problem!"

Xu Huaishi had a headache and held his forehead.

The group finally got upstairs, but there was an answer board on the stairs on the second floor. Shen Mingying appeared in a bridesmaids dress and said, "If you want to see the bride, do a question and answer first! Go upstairs with a correct answer and 30 push-ups wrong."

Zhao Yi waved his hand to indicate a small meaning: "Brothers, you answer the questions, I will pack the push-ups!"

Chen Hui glanced at him: "You little brother can't speak, and Brother Song can still answer the wrong question?"

Xu Huaisong didn't speak, feeling that it was not necessarily true.

Seeing his unsure look, Liu Mao quietly tugged his sleeve: "What is the question, she didn't talk to you?"

Xu Huaisong thought, taking advantage of Ruan Yus bath a few days ago, stealing questions from her laptop, and finally managed to pass five levels and cut six generals, and successfully opened an encrypted file, but at a glance, he saw a line of the WORD interface with a bold initial number in Song. : It is shameful to see this line of text.

Shameful, he was condemned by his conscience, and he was not embarrassed to ask her to vent the question.

The bridesmaids behind Shen Mingying began to urge the groom to choose a topic, asking him to take a number from one to ten.

Xu Huaisong said "seven".

Shen Mingying opened the answer board: "Excuse me, the bridegroom officer, from the back door of Class 3 and 9 of Suzhou No.1 Middle School to the front door of Class 30, how many squares have the floor tiles crossed?"

Zhao Yi was taken aback for a moment, and got down to get ready for push-ups.

Xu Huaisong blinked and looked at Xu Huaishe.

"Brother, don't look at me. Zhao Yi and I are in Class 7. Besides, who can count the tiles and grids after eating?"

Xu Huaisong blinked again and looked at Zhou Jun again.

"No, Huai Song... Although I am in Class 9, I have no crush in Class 10."

The countdown to the bridesmaid has begun.

Xu Huaisong thought for a while, and when they counted to three, he said, "Twenty-three."

This time it was Shen Mingying's turn to be stunned. She glanced at the answer and said, "Can this be wrong too?"

Xu Huaisong smiled: "It's not blind, it's because I was full."

Zhao Yi got up: "Then Brother Song, what was your appetite for?"

"Answer too quickly, she will have no sense of accomplishment."


The people collectively touched their arms to smooth the goose bumps that had been numbed by the flesh.

Xu Huaishi sighed and turned to Zhao Yi: "Learn a little bit."

Going to the bride's room on the third floor, Xu Huaishi saw Ruan Yu sitting on the bed in a red wedding dress, and said "Wow", "Sister-in-law, how can my brother marry you such a god!"

Ruan Yu looked at Xu Huaisong, who was standing tall and holding a bouquet, smiled and said, "Isn't he still married yet?"

Here Shen Mingying stood up again: "That is, to pick up the person, first find the bride's shoes!" She took out her mobile phone and started timing, "Two shoes, five minutes in this room."

The best men broke up in a rush, and rummaged in every corner.

Only Xu Huaisong stood motionless in front of Ruan Yu's bed.

Shen Mingying stared at him: "So inactive, don't you want to marry Yuyu?"

He smiled faintly: "They look for it with their hands, I use my eyes."

Ruan Yu was angry when he saw his winning ticket: "Dare you find it in two minutes?"

Xu Huai-song said "Oh", planning to let the water go for two minutes first, and chatted with her: "Isn't the seventh question the simplest choice for the topic just now?"

"how do you know?"

"Because when you asked me to practice the mock exam last year, I chose the seventh set. According to common sense, I should think that you may have set up a trap in the seventh question, so avoid it."

"Then you this time?"

"I still chose seven."

Chicken thief.

Ruan Yu gave him a bitter look, then turned to see Zhao Yi pointing at the bag on her bedside table and asked: "Senior sister, can you turn that bag?"

She blinked blankly.

Zhao Yi knew everything in his heart: "Found it! There is one in the bag."

Xu Huaisong looked down at his watch and realized that it was only a minute and a half past: "It's not my fault."

Ruan Yu snorted, "Isn't there another one?"

Another shoe was really missing.

Several people ran through the boxes and cabinets at once, and even drilled under the bed, but no trace was found.

Until the last thirty seconds, Xu Huaisong looked at his watch and said to the best man: "Don't look for it."

Ruan Yu knew that he was about to lose again when he saw his determined expression. Sure enough, he saw another bridesmaid in a long skirt and the floor beside Shen Mingying and said, "There is another one tied to that ladys leg, you guys. Whoever is convenient, take it."

The girl didn't feel embarrassed, she smiled and squinted her skirt: "You will be responsible after you finish taking it."

Zhao Yi immediately leaned against Xu Huaishi: "Brother Song, I have a master, it's not convenient!"

Chen Hui's face was already red: "This, this is not good..."

Zhou Jun scratched his head: "Or Liu Lu will go."

Liu Mao glanced at the girl who looked on the opposite side, "Come get it if you have the ability", showing a vigilant look.

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