Youre My Belated Happiness Chapter 76

Chapter 74: Extra Seven

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The countdown was ten seconds. Liu Mao, who had never lifted a skirt in his life, bit his head, squatted down in front of the bridesmaid, opened a section of the skirt, and took off the shoe tied to her calf.

Looking up again, the girl's complexion remained unchanged, and his face was already red into pig liver.

A group of people laughed and said, "It's done," and they don't know if they are talking about the bride's connection or another pairing.

Xu Huaisong and Ruan Yus wedding took place in a traditional style, with an out-of-field wedding in the afternoon and an in-field banquet in the evening.

Returning to the new house, Ruan Yu, who had changed seven wedding suits a day, collapsed on the sofa: "It's so tiring to get married. Fortunately, only once in a lifetime..."

Xu Huaisong took the luggage into the room, went out to sit on the sofa, put her head on her legs, and pinched her shoulders while saying, "I have to go out during a break, and there is only one premiere."

Ruan Yu's half-squinted eyes opened suddenly, and he whispered "Ah".

That's right.

At the beginning of the year, when the two families decided to get married on the national day, they didn't think about anything else at all. The result was a coincidence. Not long ago, the movie was fixed, and it happened to be premiered at 8:30 pm on the wedding day.

There is only one hour left.

"I remembered in the morning, I almost forgot after a busy day," Ruan Yu turned to his side, let himself lie more comfortable, looked up at him and said, "This time you didn't collude with the crew to bluff me? "

Xu Huaisong smiled: "A marriage, are you busy and I am not busy? How can I collude with someone when I have time."

Besides, the last time I was able to propose marriage with the crew, it was actually not for no reason. People don't do charity, so he can say what he says. The reason for cooperating is because of commercial interests. The producer plans to make a short film of the marriage proposal and put it in the movie egg, and use the story behind the movie as one of the promotional points.

Good film performance is a win-win situation between Huanshi and Ruan Yu, so Cen Rongshen and Xu Huaisong reached a cooperation.

Ruan Yu just thought of this, and asked: "Then you said we should wear masks later, or else what should we do if we are recognized as soon as the easter eggs are broadcast?"

Xu Huaisong knocked on her forehead lightly, indicating that she was thinking too much: "The egg part is aerial photography, and you can only see the heart of your head. Besides, isn't it because wearing a mask is not silver-free?"

With a "Oh", she glanced at the time, struggling to get up from his lap, and said, "I'm all drunk, I'm going to take a bath."

Xu Huaisong followed and stood up: "I also wash."

At the banquet tonight, he blocked half of her wine. He couldn't make a face when he was drinking, and he couldn't see it. In fact, it was really almost to the end.

Ruan Yu felt bad when he heard his phrase "I also wash". He touched him falsely with his index finger, and then warned him: "Don't follow, you won't be able to watch the premiere later."

Xu Huaisong let out a soft "hiss" with a puzzling look: "Mrs. Xu, if I remember correctly, our house has two bathrooms. Why do I have to squeeze one with you?"

Ruan Yu choked.

See, this is the consequence of getting a license early and having frequent pre-marital sex-on the first day of marriage, your husband loses his desire for your body.

She snorted and walked to the bathroom without looking back.

Xu Huaisong grabbed her with a smile, kissed her earlobe, and hinted: "There is not enough time now. There is still one night after watching the movie."

Her ears became hot, and she pushed him with her elbow: "Who will make it for you all night!" Then she closed the door.

Xu Huaisong smiled and walked back into the other bathroom. After the shower, he boiled some honey tea to sober up, and left a cup for Ruan Yu. When she came out, he brought it to her, and then he blew her hair.

While drinking, Ruan Yu picked up her mobile phone and looked through Weibo. He received a bunch of news from @. Most of them were readers posting geographic location and movie tickets, saying they were ready to watch the premiere, and asked if she would be there.

She did not disclose that she gave a lot of likes to a few from all over the world, and when her hair was half dry, she was about to put her mobile phone away and received a call from Xu Huaishi: "Sister-in-law, you haven't gone out yet? Zhao Yi and I have already collected the tickets. , Drive here now."

The movie tickets for the two were bought by Xu Huaishi on his behalf. There are four people, two groups of couple seats in a row.

Xu Huaisong drank and couldn't drive. He originally planned to ride a small yellow car with Ruan Yu to a nearby theater and meet them again. Unexpectedly, the two children were quite interested.

Ruan Yu said "Okay" to the other end of the phone, and went out with Xu Huaisong after finishing up, went downstairs to sit in Zhao Yi's back seat, and the co-pilot's Xu Huaishi turned his head and said, "Novice, you guys. Fasten your seat belt."

Zhao Yi gave an uncomfortable "tsk": "It's been almost two months since I got my driver's license."

"Yes," Xu Huaishi said with a "hum", "I have entrusted my life to you for two months, and my head hangs on the waist of my pants every day!"

"Isn't that hanging pretty tight?"

"That's because I am a rough life, and my sister-in-law is preparing for pregnancy. I can't get a knock or touch!" He turned around and looked at Xu Huaisong and asked tentatively, "Right brother?"

Xu Huaisong glanced at her: "Who gave you the task?"

This fight was a lot of talk, and Dare to love is a written script to test when he and Ruan Yu are planning to have a baby.

Xu Huaishi choked and looked at Zhao Yi: "Look, I said I would be seen through by my brother."

Ruan Yu laughed: "Just ask if you have something to do, and you have to go around such a big circle."

"It was my grandmother who asked me to spy on the'enemy', but don't be too pressured. Mom said-'It depends on what they mean by themselves'."

Xu Huaisong and Ruan Yu looked at each other and said, "Let's let it be." The meaning will not be avoided deliberately.

Xu Huaishi smiled: "That should be soon."

Xu Huaisong and Ruan Yu: "..."

Does this little kid know too much? Where did you learn this old driver's taste?

Zhao Yi coughed lightly, as if he wanted to dissipate the skepticism coming from the back seat, feeling useless, coughed again.

This time Ruan Yu was tempted: "What should you do after watching the movie in a while?"

Xu Huaishi looked back: "Huh? Of course we will go back to school."

Zhao Yi went to three colleges and universities, two kilometers away from Hangzhou University where she was, and she was on the way back.

Ruan Yu glanced at Xu Huaisong.

Xu Huaisong lifted his chin slightly, motioning her to continue to ask.

She continued: "After watching the movie and then driving to your school, the dormitory is closed."

"Don't be afraid, I have a good relationship with the auntie, and I will bribe her for everything that is delicious."

"You're pretty sure you want to go home late today, so you can plan ahead?"

"How can I go back to the dormitory late several times before now."

Xu Huaisong continued the conversation: "What are you doing outside so late?"

"Nothing, just play with classmates, sing, sing and eat supper, etc. Zhao Yi is always there. If you don't believe me, ask him."

Xu Huaishi looked innocent and didn't know that Zhao Yi was the one who was dangerous in her brother's eyes.

But Zhao Yi heard it, sighed, and said helplessly: "Song Brother Yu Jie, you can just ask if you have something to do. What are you doing around such a big circle? We haven't opened a room before. If you don't believe it, please adjust the relationship. Check my house opening record."

Xu Huaishi choked. What kind of plastic siblings is the temptation for you to come and go today.

Ruan Yu "haha" smiled and rounded up the field: "This kind of trust between people is still necessary."

As soon as the voice fell, her mobile phone vibrated, and she saw a message from the filmmaker Zheng Shan: "If it is convenient, post a blog, post your wedding ring and movie tickets, and echo the easter eggs."

She just took the opportunity to change the subject, asked Xu Huaishi to get the movie ticket, and then watched Xu Huaisong: "Let's borrow your left hand?"

Xu Huaisong stretched out his hand wearing the wedding ring to follow her around.

She put the movie ticket on her lap, adjusted the angle of her mobile phone for a long time, put the interlocking hands of the two in the appropriate position, clicked, mosaiced the part of the photo that involved exposing the movie theater information, and then uploaded it. Weibo, with words: "See you later."

The comments below exploded in an instant, with a full screen of "See you later" and asking when Ruan Yu got married.

In order to cater to the producer's intention, she picked a reply: "I will know after watching the movie easter egg."

The four rushed in two minutes before the opening of the movie. As soon as they sat down, the lights went out, a few advertisements were placed on the screen, and they started to get into the main topic.

Xu Huaishi was a little nervous for some reason, and went over the partition to look for Ruan Yu's hand.

Ruan Yu was okay, but she was a bit agitated when she really entered the movie atmosphere, and couldn't help holding her hand tightly.

Xu Huaisong and Zhao Yi on the other side of the lovers seat unanimously said in a low voice, "Do you want to change positions?"

The two of them didn't reply, staring at the screen intently.

The first frame is an aerial shot, cut from the playground during the school sports meeting, and the red and white plastic track and the green field are shot to the end.

After the referee shot a gun, the actor and several other boys rushed out from the starting line, and there was a tidal wave of cheering in the stands.

The actor leads all the way, getting closer and closer to the end. Then, the camera closes up to the corner of the stand, watching his heroine.

The heroine is drawing a simple strokes with the drawing board and pen.

The shouts in the stands were weakened. On the contrary, the sound of the heroine's pencil rustling across the paper became infinitely loud, to the extent that it shook her eardrums.

The girlfriend on the side asked her with a throat: "What are you painting?"

The heroine curled her lips and said slyly: "Come here with your ears."

The picture suddenly shifted to 0.2x speed, and the background sound slowly quieted down. Only the heroine's answer in the world was left: "Yes-a secret."

The story begins here.

(Fanwai End)

(Here is the easter egg)

After the movie's easter eggs were screened, cinemas from all over the world were full of boiling, and many people began to look around to see if the heroes and heroines behind the movie were in their own scene.

Obviously, Ruan Yu and Xu Huaisong did not expect this result. Seeing the crowd became noisy, one by one young girls held up their mobile phones and looked around, as if they were going to dig three feet out of the ground.

Someone even started to say: "The author posted a Weibo before the premiere, and the movie tickets are for lovers!"

Xu Huaisong and Ruan Yu, who had stood up in the last row, breathed tightly.

No one in the audience left the scene. At this time, it seemed that which pair of men and women left first confirmed that they were the protagonists.

Ruan Yu hid his wedding ring hand behind his back, followed the act, looked around, and said to Xu Huaisong, "Hey, lovers, will that be in our row?"

Xu Huaisong cleared her throat, pulled her sleeves, and signaled her not to come back to the "three hundred taels of silver in this place".

Sure enough, when she said that, a sharp-eyed girl in the front row looked over: "Wow, that pair seems to be!"

Just as Xu Huaisong was about to have a headache and hold his forehead, he suddenly saw Zhao Yi holding Xu Huaishi's hand next door, turning his head and rushing out.

Everyone's eyes were shifted: "Ah, could it be that right!"

Ruan Yu was stunned, seeing Zhao Yi turning his head and giving Xu Huaisong a look: Brother, I can only help here!

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